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İstanbul Okan University Hospital came into service in 2016 with the vision of contributing to the development of future health standards and becoming of the leading institutions in the health sector. Opened by Okan Culture, Education and Sports Foundation in 1999, İstanbul Okan University constitutes the foundation of the hospital.

Through the consolidation of academic studies conducted in the field of health under the umbrella of "Okan Health," the university ultimately established Istanbul Okan University Hospital. This institution serves as a platform to share its wealth of experience and expertise accumulated in the health sector, and to extend the national and international success of the "Okan" brand into the healthcare domain.

In addition to Istanbul Okan University Hospital, the university strengthens its commitment to health and medical education with the Istanbul Okan University Medicine Faculty, Training, and Research Hospital, providing comprehensive services in the field:

  • Faculty of Medicine,
  • Faculty of Dentistry,
  • Faculty of Health Sciences,
  • Vocational School of Healthcare Services,
  • Hospital Simulation Center (700 square meters), which are available in the Health Sciences Education Complex.

Istanbul Okan University Hospital is an easily accessible health center that closely follows advancing technology in accordance with its corporate culture. Its primary objective is to ensure patient satisfaction and maintain high-quality services. Situated on a sprawling 50,000 square meter campus, it operates as a fully-equipped general hospital with a staff of over 500 employees, more than 100 associates and physicians. The hospital has a designated capacity of 250 beds, 10 operation theaters, and 47 intensive care units with beds catering to newborns, pediatric, and adult patients, all supported by state-of-the-art technology.

Istanbul Okan University Hospital is where cutting-edge treatment and diagnostic methods converge with the latest developments in medical technology, offering patients top-notch healthcare services centered around their satisfaction and a multidisciplinary approach.

Furthermore, the hospital actively conducts scientific research and development studies aimed at advancing diagnosis and treatment methods related to public health and medical education.

Established in 2016, Istanbul Okan University Hospital draws upon the knowledge and experience of its parent university, founded in 1999. The institution's mission is to advance education and healthcare services on both national and international levels.